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Resident planning questions answered

1. Bonus density and amenities for height. Can someone explain in layman’s terms what planning expects of developers with respect to height variance requests?

The updated density bonus program will be adopted with the City’s new Zoning Bylaw. The bylaw works with the OCP to grant density/height beyond the signaled heights in exchange for cash-payment to the City by pre-determined formula. The proceeds of the program will be allocated to affordable housing land acquisition and urban core street urbanization (improvements).

2. Transportation: And motorists can now ‘enjoy’ dangerous intersection at Morrison and Ethel. Obstructed view of Ethel traffic when heading west on Morrison across Ethel. Difficult tight turn approaching from south Ethel right onto Morrison

Staff will pass this concern on to the City’s Transportation and Traffic Operations teams for review.

3. Sidewalks: many sidewalks are shrinking due to overgrown shrubs and vegetation. Since this is essentially growth onto city property, is it not the responsibility of city to maintain it especially if homeowners don’t?

It is the responsibility of individual homeowners to maintain hedges, vegetation, trees that grow to overhang City property. However, the City does respond to complaints by contacting homeowners where public right of way encroachments are causing problems.

4. Speed bumps on Abbott would help greatly to slow down traffic to at least 40kph.

Abbott will be narrowed by the implementation of a temporary protected bike pathway. This will help to narrow traffic lanes and slow vehicle speeds.

5. For every property in Kelowna plant 5 easy growing trees. Take my street as example. Easy to plant 100 fast growing trees along both sides of the street.

Great idea. Perhaps the KLONA residents association can fundraise and begin a pilot project for willing property owners?

6. See how Holland applies solar panels on houses and farmers barns and building facades. Holland has made great progress with 40% homes now with solar. Apply rules in building code for solar. Apply subsidies for existing properties.

Forwarded to champion of the environment for consideration.

7. Stop using hot water tanks in houses. It makes no sense to heat up 200 gallon when you done need warm water for hours. Use warm water on demand systems known in Europe for decades. Irresponsible design in times we want to protect our environment.

Forwarded to champion of the environment for consideration.

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