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KLONA regular monthly meetings

As of November 2022, KLONA will publish minutes of our regular meetings.

Any member can attend meeting as a guest. Send email to '



Minutes – Regular Meeting, Wednesday, May 31, 2023 @ 8:00 pm via ZOOM


Present:  Jacquie, Krista, Mary G, Mary M, Michael, Myrna, Paul, Robert


1.             AGM Wednesday June 28 Kinsmen Park 7:00 pm:  Speakers:  Paul withopening remarks about KLONA priorities; special guest, Mayor Tom Dyas; and Mary M with an update on the Imagine Pandosy Art Festival.

           Krista will email the AGM flyer to all members for distribution in their respective neighbourhoods and on community mail boxes 

           Arrangements still have to be made for putting up an advertising sign for the AGM on the vacant lot at Pandosy and West as was done last year.

           The following Board Members have put their names forward to sit on the Board for another year:  Paul, Jacquie, Robert, Myrna, Mary M

           Jacquie volunteered to collect membership dues at the AGM

           Mary M will bring the KLONA tent.  Jacquie will bring 2 tables.  Paul and Krista will bring the KLONA banner and sandwich board. 

           Arrangements still have to be made for use of a speaker system.

2.             Responsible Alcohol Use in Parks - Pilot Project:  Melanie Steppuhn, Parks Planner, City of Kelowna, gave a presentation on the proposed Pilot Project and noted the main concerns were monitoring the by-law, waste management and enforcement.  With 2/3 of the pilot parks being in the KLONA neighbourhood (Kinsmen and Boyce-Gyro), members voiced concerns about the amount of trash collected and the need of a better system for the diversion of trash and questioned the playground delineation noting that children play in larger areas than shown on Project’s maps.  Melanie noted the concerns expressed and said she would take them back to her department for review. 

3.             Banking change:  KLONA will be changing the bank it currently uses for its business matters to TD Canada Trust.  Jacquie and Mary M will connect with Gord Hopp, TD Canada Trust, to effect the change.

4.              Pandosy Waterfront Park - Grand Opening. Saturday June 24:  Krista will contact Tanya Sletten, Community Development Coordinator, City of Kelowna, to confirm the time of the event and what activities the city is planning to do at the opening.  She will also ask if the neighbourhood association can play a part in the Grand Opening by putting up the KLONA tent and banner. 

5.             Central Mobile Park:  Myrna noted that Mayor Dyas was part of the group participating in a recent neighbourhood bike ride which went past Central Mobile Park.   Myrna spoke with Mayor Dyas and received clarification on the developer’s obligations to the Park’s current residents.

6.             Organization Grant from the City of Kelowna: Paul advised the grant monies are specifically for hiring an organization to help board members effectively run their board. He noted that he has to identify the cost to hire an organization on the application,.

7.             Non Profit After Hours Networking Event:   Jacquie advised that she, along with Mary M and Krista attended the Networking event on May 30 at the Francophone Cultural Centre.  She noted that they spoke to several people on how they themselves, or the organization they represented, could help the KLO Neighbourhood Association. 

8.             Bike Route Input:  Robert advised that the city is currently consulting on future bike routes needed around town.  He noted that Francis Street is the only street within the KLO Neighbourhood Association boundaries marked for future.  Robert further noted that the Casorso Road multi-use pathway will be finished in the next few months.

9.                  Imagine Pandosy Art Festival:  Mary provided an update on the vendor applications received thus far noting that 22 Artists and 12 Crafters have applied.

Next meeting:  TBD

KLONA Meeting Minutes – April 19, 2023


  1. AGM scheduled for June 28th at 7:00pm at Kinsmen. Speakers planned are Mayor Dyas, Robert, Mary and Trevor Empy from Toronto.

  2. Volunteer Fair September 16th at Parkinson’s. Board decided that sourcing volunteers at this fair is too early for next years Imagine Pandosy Festival.

  3. Cameron Park is a no go for the Rugby Club. Question: Would the city repair the building for a community centre for the Pandosy neighbourhood to hold meetings?

  4. Pandosy Waterfront Park Opening. Scheduled for June 24th at 11:00am or noon. Mary, Jacquie and Myrna to plan.

    1. Fence boards can be put up on fence by the Paddle Centre.  Michael has fence boards. Mary and Myrna to meet to cull boards in ill repair and to fix those that can be saved. Early June.

    2. Mary to organize the painting of a mural on the concrete support wall facing the lake. Theme is paddling. Priority in May.

    3. Our mural can be put up on the little building at the park.

    4. Paul getting endorsement for one of the walkways to be called KLONA Way.

  5. Bike Tour – Great success.  Feedback received by Paul and Robert on a variety of items visited at the tour.

  6. Imagine Pandosy Art Festival August 27th from 10:am – 4:00pm. Need more crafters. Planning and funding sources underway. Stober lot graded and suitable for crafters, music and food truck.

  7. Central Mobile Home Park. Myrna indicated that residents are stressed due to lack of information on timing of changes. Board suggested that residents need to go public with concerns to radio and TV. One idea was to have a block party.

  8. Paddle Centre delayed 1 year. Washrooms available to the public once park is open.

  9. Next meeting May 30th. 7:00 Zoom or perhaps live

KLONA minutes of Wednesday March 15, 2023 by zoom. 7:00


Last meeting Feb 16 did not have quorum so no minutes were taken but we spoke about the first 7 issues listed here:o


1. Cameron Park and Rugby club, no new information regarding the joint endeavour.

2. Discussion with city planning was discussed at last meeting with notes taken from the January 5 meeting Paul had with Ryan Smith submitted to him for accuracy and not hearing back, it was then published in our last newsletter.

3. Pandosy Waterfront park should open by July but the fragility of new plantings may restrict access in some areas. Mary, Jacquie and Paul will plan an opening celebration to invite council, city staff and he neighbourhood to. We would hope to get some funding for this.

4. Neighbourhoods United, letter to council to request operational funding for NAs was sent March 1 and at least three other NAs have sent a similar letter.

5. Spring Clean up in April, best to coordinate with KSAN. We will contact Regional Waste Reduction for the clean up kit, date and number participating.

6. Pianos on Pandosy to go either at Gyro Park, by Bread Co or by the painted turtle mural.

7. Event: Art Festival meeting Monday March 20. AGM should be done in shade in June, Mary, Jacquie and Paul to choose a date and speaker. Possible dates: Wednesday evening at Kinsmen Park June 14, 21, 28.

8. Central Mobile Park:  Myrna spoke of council meeting where much was discussed by council regarding the need for a larger sector plan to occur in harmony.  Planning Staff recommendation to proceed with ARP prior to Sector or Pandosy Plan was therefore rejected and was suggested to come back to council when the Urban Plan is announced.  A small group met with Mark, the representative of Kerkoff, but no concrete commitments were made about resident concerns, number and health of trees or the idea of working with SD23 to access property from Barnes Rd.   There will likely be 2200 units created.

9. Kirsten Pulles will join us at 7:30 to discuss public transit and funding: 

Motion by Paul “to sign the petition as KLONA” second by Myrna, passed unanimous.

10. KSAN petition to Save Kelowna Heritage Conservation Areas. It was suggested we get clarification from KSAN as to what exactly is beeping asked since we all understand it’s already a heritage area.

11.. Parks master plan is available for residents to give comment on. We discussed excellent parks planned for Glenmore and Mission.

12. Aqua boat storage facility size complaint. Comparison was made with drawings before build and the boat storage did not look daunting with the taller Aqua complex in behind and the aerial view.

13. A Council tour of the following locations within the neighbourhood was suggested:  Pandosy Area to show Pandosy Waterfront Park; lack of sidewalk on Cedar Avenue; Shore patio encroachment onto sidewalk by Gyro Beach; lack of sidewalks on Swordy; central Mobile Park and it’s mature trees; Casorso Park by Green Square; ATC lack of connection at Rotary; Manteo gate at north end; large boat storage building at Aqua and the lack of ATC on Meikle and Walnut. 

14. Comments received regarding street parking on Springbrook and Springrose Way as a result of Westcorp Hiawatha build.

15. Council Priorities to be presented Monday will be looked at and and letter to be written to council regarding our already submitted Pandosy priorities which are all addressable with a Pandosy Sector Plan.

Adorned 8:33

Next meeting April 19, 7:00 Zoom

Minutes of the November 23, 2022 meeting


Members Present: Mary G, Mary M, Robert, Jacquie, Paul, Krista, Bob, Myrna

Regrets: Michael, Sandra, Larry (guest


  1. Motion to accept minutes of last meeting was unanimous in acceptance

  2. Treasurers report: Bank Balance: $4220.08

  3. Ryan Smith, Planning with the City of Kelowna requested KLONA Board to approve Paul Clark to speak on behalf of the association. Board approval granted with caveat the he be the spokesperson for the remainder of this term as President.

  4. Mission Group 3061 Abbott Street. Paul agreed to speak to Ryan Smith about concerns with traffic, building massing and variances. Request to see design input since there is no Urban plan. Tabled items needing remedy with current developments I.e Shoreline Brewing, Parc Retirement. Etc.

  5. Proposal to be put forth for the city to fund neighbourhood associations. Proposal to be in conjunction with support of other neighbourhood associations.

  6. Proposal to be put forth to the city to create committees involving neighbourhood associations. Paul has connected four resident associations on Face Book to discuss concerns and activities. Slack was suggested as a platform for discussion.

  7. Public Hearings- Mary reviewed with the Deputy City Clerk regulations that changed one year ago. Default is no public hearing if rezoning applications fall with the OCP. Council can hold a hearing if they feel necessary. If Rezoning request is outside of OCP, public hearing is required. Mary forwarded on copy of changes to the Board. Robert and Krists to gather questions for Mary to review with the Deputy City Clerk.

  8. Pandosy Waterfront Park report- Paul recited meeting with Stefan who said early snow put a stop to ground levelling and seeding so this will be done in spring now with expected opening in June. There was a delay waiting for electrical equipment. One item on track is the pier which will have decking put on soon with its design of 30 meters of deck on land and 30 meters over water. Consider public binoculars places on pier by KLONA

  9. Developing a business association for Pandosy/Lakeshore. Paul has looked into this with Tom Dyas in the past. A non-business person would be beneficial to do the communication work with businesses for the benefit of KLONA. Outcome could be business sponsorship of our festival and other neighbourhood projects. Will get name of person who organizes with Rutland Business association and connect Tom and Jacquie with them. Interested businesses are: Grate Cheesery, Creative Muse, Runnaways Lounge, Foods Health and Wellness, Coco boutique.

  10. Debriefing on municipal election-Robert explained the partial success yet still low voter turnout. Name recognition still elected the biggest number of candidates.

  11. Building a Community Kiosk for Pandosy Waterfront Park. Paul has spoken to the Okanagan College to see if their woodworking class can help and has submitted for city grant to fund this. Mary will help with designing something with the art boards we had residents create for the festival and other events we organize.

  12. Board approved minutes of our KLONA Board meetings for 2022 onwards to be posted on our website for view by members.

  13. Meet with Gord Lovegrove at Blenz Friday, December 9th at 2:00pm. He is meeting the community at 3:00pm.. This format is intended to be ongoing.

  14.  Jacquie, a new Block Connector encouraged KLONA Board members to become block connectors. She will write an overview to put in the newsletter.

  15. Mary and Jacquie join Paul and consider changing banks.  Mary and Paul to investigate.

  16. Board approved monthly meetings as the third Wednesday of each month by zoom and 7:00pm. Next meeting is December 21st.

  17. Plan for Quarterly KLONA meetings at Parkinson Recreation Centre. Paul to book a room at quarterly for KLONA public meetings. Board will source speakers for the meetings.

  18. Park by Green Square has not been built yet many of the Green square condominiums are already occupied and with small living spaces. Residents in need of outdoor space. Paul to ask Stefan Johansson.

  19. Examples of priorities KLONA wishes for Council in this term:

  1. Priority for open spaces

  2. Support Neighbourhood Associations

  3. Public amenities as opposed to private

  4. Recreation in local urban centres

  5. Shared facilities with schools

  6. Slower residential traffic, 30 kph

  7. Urban Centre Plan to include streetscape, parking etc.

Next meeting Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022.

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