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KLONA regular monthly meetings

As of November 2022, KLONA will publish minutes of our regular meetings.

Any member can attend meeting as a guest. Send email to '' or 'paul@klona'

November 23, 2022 by Zoom

Members Present: Mary G, Mary M, Robert, Jacquie, Paul, Krista, Bob, Myrna

Regrets: Michael, Sandra, Larry (guest


  1. Motion to accept minutes of last meeting was unanimous in acceptance

  2. Treasurers report: Bank Balance: $4220.08

  3. Ryan Smith, Planning with the City of Kelowna requested KLONA Board to approve Paul Clark to speak on behalf of the association. Board approval granted with caveat the he be the spokesperson for the remainder of this term as President.

  4. Mission Group 3061 Abbott Street. Paul agreed to speak to Ryan Smith about concerns with traffic, building massing and variances. Request to see design input since there is no Urban plan. Tabled items needing remedy with current developments I.e Shoreline Brewing, Parc Retirement. Etc.

  5. Proposal to be put forth for the city to fund neighbourhood associations. Proposal to be in conjunction with support of other neighbourhood associations.

  6. Proposal to be put forth to the city to create committees involving neighbourhood associations. Paul has connected four resident associations on Face Book to discuss concerns and activities. Slack was suggested as a platform for discussion.

  7. Public Hearings- Mary reviewed with the Deputy City Clerk regulations that changed one year ago. Default is no public hearing if rezoning applications fall with the OCP. Council can hold a hearing if they feel necessary. If Rezoning request is outside of OCP, public hearing is required. Mary forwarded on copy of changes to the Board. Robert and Krists to gather questions for Mary to review with the Deputy City Clerk.

  8. Pandosy Waterfront Park report- Paul recited meeting with Stefan who said early snow put a stop to ground levelling and seeding so this will be done in spring now with expected opening in June. There was a delay waiting for electrical equipment. One item on track is the pier which will have decking put on soon with its design of 30 meters of deck on land and 30 meters over water. Consider public binoculars places on pier by KLONA

  9. Developing a business association for Pandosy/Lakeshore. Paul has looked into this with Tom Dyas in the past. A non-business person would be beneficial to do the communication work with businesses for the benefit of KLONA. Outcome could be business sponsorship of our festival and other neighbourhood projects. Will get name of person who organizes with Rutland Business association and connect Tom and Jacquie with them. Interested businesses are: Grate Cheesery, Creative Muse, Runnaways Lounge, Foods Health and Wellness, Coco boutique.

  10. Debriefing on municipal election-Robert explained the partial success yet still low voter turnout. Name recognition still elected the biggest number of candidates.

  11. Building a Community Kiosk for Pandosy Waterfront Park. Paul has spoken to the Okanagan College to see if their woodworking class can help and has submitted for city grant to fund this. Mary will help with designing something with the art boards we had residents create for the festival and other events we organize.

  12. Board approved minutes of our KLONA Board meetings for 2022 onwards to be posted on our website for view by members.

  13. Meet with Gord Lovegrove at Blenz Friday, December 9th at 2:00pm. He is meeting the community at 3:00pm.. This format is intended to be ongoing.

  14.  Jacquie, a new Block Connector encouraged KLONA Board members to become block connectors. She will write an overview to put in the newsletter.

  15. Mary and Jacquie join Paul and consider changing banks.  Mary and Paul to investigate.

  16. Board approved monthly meetings as the third Wednesday of each month by zoom and 7:00pm. Next meeting is December 21st.

  17. Plan for Quarterly KLONA meetings at Parkinson Recreation Centre. Paul to book a room at quarterly for KLONA public meetings. Board will source speakers for the meetings.

  18. Park by Green Square has not been built yet many of the Green square condominiums are already occupied and with small living spaces. Residents in need of outdoor space. Paul to ask Stefan Johansson.

  19. Examples of priorities KLONA wishes for Council in this term:

  1. Priority for open spaces

  2. Support Neighbourhood Associations

  3. Public amenities as opposed to private

  4. Recreation in local urban centres

  5. Shared facilities with schools

  6. Slower residential traffic, 30 kph

  7. Urban Centre Plan to include streetscape, parking etc.

Next meeting Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022.

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