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Redevelopment of Willow Creek Campground

The Residences at 3340 Lakeshore will be experienced (primarily) at a human scale from the sidewalk, through its podium or base. The podium is of key importance and, in response, has been highly detailed and articulated into smaller elements. It varies in height between 2 and 3 stories and is activated, depending on the surrounding context, by ground-oriented townhomes, restaurants with patios as well as retail, commercial and residential lobby areas. The podium is also interrupted by interesting ‘pocket parks’ along Lakeshore and Watt roads as well as generous corner setbacks that will include community elements such as art, landscape, bench seating, bike parking and patio areas.

A rezoning of the property from C1 (local Commercial) and C9 (tourist Commercial) to C4 (Urban Centre Commercial) is sought to allow the detailed design of a proposed mixed-use development that will include ground-oriented townhouses and live-work studios, residential condominiums and pedestrian-oriented retail, restaurant and community use spaces. The development is also to include generous sidewalk areas large public outdoor amenity areas.

We will be requesting the approval of residential condominium heights above the eight-storey limit currently permitted in the C4 zone for gateway locations. Previous height variances within the Mission/Pandosy Urban Centre have been approved when community benefits and high-quality architectural design have been demonstrated. The Residences at 3340 are proposed to be terraced upward from three stories along Watt Road up to 10 and 14 stories respectively facing Lakeshore rd.


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